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My name is Luke Lin, I'm a Game Developer who likes working on the technical side of games like programming and tech art (writing shaders is fun!)


I've developed games in both Unreal Engine 4 (C++ and Blueprint) and Unity (C#). I also have some experience in 3D art having worked with Autodesk Maya and Substance Painter.


Video games are close to my heart, and they’re a way for me to stay connected with the people that are close to me. Around the age of five I got my first console, the Gameboy Advance SP. I started my journey with games like Super Mario and Minecraft, and I’ve never stopped since.


As a developer, I also want to create worlds that connect people the way so many games I’ve played have. My fondest memories of games have been together with friends, spending hours in Minecraft building our base, running late night raids in Destiny hoping to get our god roll weapons, going on hunts in Monster Hunter (and being the one that carts first).

You can get in touch with me through email at

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