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Split Seas

Split Seas is a cooperative puzzle game that focuses on the use of communication. Two players are each given half of the solution, and they need to collaborate to piece them together. The game is non-networked, instead players use a seed to generate the same puzzle on their computer.

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My Role


Luke Lin, Jordan Grayson,

Arjun Jaishankar

Game Engine
Unity 3D


  • Implemented game mechanics and systems in Unity C#

  • Programmed submarine controller/movement from scratch

  • Created 3D Models for props in level and puzzles

  • Wrote shaders in Unity ShaderLab and Amplify Shader

  • Worked on flowing water pipe effect

My Work

Final Puzzle

I was responsible for designing and prototyping the final puzzle of the game. The puzzle involves rotating a dial towards the correct statue to reveal parts of the final answer. The twist of this final puzzle was that the rotation of the dial indicates the rotation of the final input.

Boids Schools of Fish

We wanted to add schools of fish that swam around to make the world feel filled and alive. To achieve this I wrote a movement script for fish based on Craig Reynold's Boids algorithm.


We ran into performance issues due to these calculations happening on the CPU for thousands of fish, so I rewrote it in a Compute Shader to move computation to the GPU.

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